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Wheat Penny Date Set Volume 1 1909-1939 and Volume 2 1940-1958

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Many collectors, even those with million dollar collections, started collecting by searching for coins in circulation or at local coin dealers and placing them in “holes” in coin albums. This is still a good way to start coin collecting for yourself or especially a youngster. Probably the most interesting coins currently circulating are two series of quarters—respectively commemorating the States (issued from 1999-2008), U.S. Territories (2009), and America the Beautiful (beginning in 2021 and running through 2021), and the “golden” (they don’t contain any actual gold) Presidential Dollars (2007-2016) and Native American Dollars (beginning in 2009). If you can’t find these in circulation, see if your local bank can help. There are also folders for all coin series from Half Cents to Silver Dollars, that offer a convenient way to store circulated or uncirculated examples. For better quality or more valuable coins, these can be placed in premium coin albums with slides to prevent the coins from falling out.